Outlook Attachment Extractor 3 - upgrade option
Information on the successor product

Instead of a version 4 of Outlook Attachment Extractor, the successor is the Automatic Email Processor 2.

Automatic Email Processor 2 contains the complete functionality of Outlook Attachment Extractor and additionally enables the automatic printing of messages/attachments as well as the saving of messages in different formats. The program offers a variety of additional options such as automatic replies, email notifications, Excel reports, processing time windows and much more. Outlook Attachment Extractor profiles can be imported via Profiles --> Other --> Import profiles --> Import from Outlook Attachment Extractor 3...

For 1-user licenses, the upgrade can be purchased on the following page: https://gillmeister-software.com/products/automatic-email-processor/order.aspx. Click on the Order Upgrade tab and select the upgrade with the desired functionality "Upgrade from AEP 1 to AEP 2 Basic, Standard or Ultimate Edition". As of Automatic Email Processor 2.4.1, licenses of Outlook Attachment Extractor 1, 2 or 3 are also supported as upgradeable versions. In the activation dialog (Menu --> Enter License Key), select Register Full Version and first enter your license key for Outlook Attachment Extractor. After confirming, restart the activation dialog and select Register Upgrade. Enter your upgrade license key for Automatic Email Processor.

For an upgrade of multi-user licenses, please contact us for an upgrade quote with the ordering information of your Outlook Attachment Extractor license (info@gillmeister-software.de).

Outlook Attachment Extractor 3 is still available, but will no longer receive new features, only error corrections.

For more information about Automatic Email Processor, please visit: https://gillmeister-software.com/products/automatic-email-processor/start.aspx.